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Current Activities

  1. Mentoring sessions

    The Association, having pledged its support to the Dualtech Center’s (Dualtech) Advanced Stage Training Program (ASTP) initiated last 2009, has been participating in the program for the different batches of Dualtech's student-trainees undergoing in-plant or on-the-job training in over 100 companies in Luzon, Philippines.  The ASTP integrates activities on character-building and social or life skills in the curriculum for the personal and professional formation of their students through the “Mentoring Sessions.”  Members of the Association volunteer in these sessions as mentors, by presenting actual and personal experiences and good examples of its members coming from different professional disciplines and levels, for the student-trainees’ personal advancement.

  2. Alumni Follow-up and Networking Activities

    For over a decade now, the Association has been organising the Nachkontaktkonferenz which continues to serve as a main alumni follow-up and networking activity for the former scholars to Germany of the different alumni organisations in the country.

  3. Joint Alumni Activities

    The Association participated in the formation of an online federation of alumni groups of former scholars to Germany initiated by the Hanns Seidel Foundation/Germany in 2009, and with the support of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany.  As one of the founding alumni groups of this federation, which is foreseen to be registered as an association soon, the Association continues to be represented in the association’s meetings for the continued networking of the various alumni groups as well as for the organisation of future joint alumni activities.