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Our Work in Myanmar

Involved in projects since:


Project office:

Yangon, Myanmar

Resident Representative:

Mr. Achim Munz

The Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) aims to contribute in an active and effective way to international cooperation and understanding with its programmes and projects in Myanmar.

Our first involvement to provide development assistance in Myanmar dates back to 1994 with capacity building activities for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the time when Myanmar was preparing to apply for membership with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Many more activities were carried out, such as study trips to the EU-Parliament in Brussels, the German national parliament (Bundestag) in Berlin, and the state parliament (Landtag). Between 1994- 2012 initiatives implemented in Myanmar were coordinated by the HSF regional office.

In 2012, HSF opened a representative office in Yangon and became the first German political foundation to be registered as an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) in the country a year later in 2013.

In 2014 our Chairwomen Prof. Ursula Männle visited Myanmar for the first time. In 2016 a project cooperation with the German Bundestag, financed by the German Federal Foreign Office (AA), started and has strengthened the work and representation of the HSF in Myanmar even further.


Federalism, Tourism and ASEAN - Three Cornerstones of Our Work

Our project objectives focus on decentralization and federalism, tourism development and the embeddedness of Myanmar in the ASEAN group and the international community. HSF’s work thereby aims:

  • to support the ongoing political transition and peace process in Myanmar through workshops and courses on federalism and decentralization that increase the political dialog between policymakers and civil-society actors.

  • to support Myanmar’s integration in the ASEAN group and to adequately represent the country’s interests within the group.

  • to support and initiation local tourism projects for a sustainable and responsible tourism development that helps local communities to take part in the growing tourism sector in a responsible and environmentally conscious manner.


Cooperation with the Parliament of Myanmar

In cooperation with the German Bundestag and Bundesrat, the HSF initiated a project for a more people-oriented parliament in Myanmar. The main project objective is to enhance the inclusion of the civil society and the public media in the political process to further strengthen the citizens’ confidence into the Myanmar Hluttaws (Parliament of Myanmar). Workshops on Public Relations with Members of Parliaments (MPs), the launch of a Hluttaw brochure and the support of a visitor program will enhance the transparency of the legislative body of Myanmar and further strengthen the ongoing democratic process of the country.


Our Project objectives

  • Improvement of the political dialog on federal reformations and inclusive democratic institutions and procedures

  • Improvement of the embeddedness of Myanmar in the ASEAN and world community

  • Improvement of the legal and regulatory frameworks in regards to a more responsible and sustainable development of tourism

  • Support of a more people-oriented parliament in Myanmar


Examples of project initiatives

  • Members of the Myanmar Parliament attending a conference on federalism

  • Representatives of Ethnical Armed Organizations (EAOs) attending workshops on federalism and democracy

  • High-ranked official of the Union Civil Service Board attending courses on federalism

  • Local representatives attending workshops on responsible and sustainable tourism development

  • Publication of a Bed & Breakfast Manual