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2022 Highlight Videos

Scholastic Outreach Program for Educators and Students

Midya at Pandemya - Coping with and Covering the Health Crisis

Roundtable with PPI

PPI Media Seminars

NCMF Activities 2022



Regional Dialogue on Police Training

Under its Regional Dialogue Program, the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) works with the police agencies in the Southeast Asian Region to promote regional dialogue and information exchanges among the countries’ police and police training organizations to develop common solutions to regional concerns.  From 2013 through 2022, the HSF, in partnership with host country police agencies and the Bavarian Police supported the conduct of face-to face, and on-line conferences for participants from the respective police agencies of Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Southeast Asia Regional Dialogue on Police Training

Summary of the Regional Police Training Conference in Phuket


Training Videos on the Use of Practical, Case-based Scenarios in Police Training

Since 2014, the “Philippine Public Safety College (PPSC)” and the “Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF)” jointly implemented a program to promote training of Philippine National Police training directors, instructors, and other officers to conduct rights-based, and community-oriented policing training activities, adapting “best practices” observed from police delegation visits and meeting with their counterparts in the Bavarian Police particularly in the use of practical, case-based scenarios in police training. Among the “best practices” observed by the visiting police delegation was the BPA’s use of practical, case-based scenarios in police training. The PPSC with the support of the HSF, from 2015 through 2020, conducted several training activities for police training directors, faculty, and instructors of the PPSC’s National Police Training Institute (NPTI) and National Police College. In 2019, with the passage of Republic Act (RA) 11279, administration of the NPTI was transferred from the PPSC to the PNP. Changes in the PNP organization, including retirement and promotion of police officials has resulted to new police training directors, faculty and instructors assigned to the RTCs.

With the intention of preserving the “investment” in police training, HSF continues to work, where practicable, with both the PPSC and the PNP to promote practical, rights- and community-based training. To serve as ready reference for police training directors, faculty and instructors, HSF contracted the services of a video production unit to provide a training video on the use of practical, case-based scenarios in police training. Trainers will find this material useful in the conduct of their training activities both as learning and discussion tools.

Video 1  |  The PPSC-HSF Partnership

Video 2 | Teaching a Practical Case-Based Scenario for Police Non-Commissioned Officers

Video 3 | Teaching a Practical Case-Based Scenario for Police Commissioned Officers


Community-based Dialogues Project Video

This 20-minute video production captures the history and milestones of this pioneering initiative in a short film from its inception in 2008 to the present.  For over a decade of implementing this project nationwide, and current focus to strengthen and institutionalize the CBD mechanism especially at the local level (region down to barangay), it is a privilege that, together with partners and stakeholders, we are able to share our learnings and experiences to interested parties and the public.

The CBD video is timely and significant in preserving the gains and successes of the project, and in planning next steps as it evolves over time.  We hope it serves as inspiration in pursuing human rights promotion and protection in an open, peaceful and democratic way. 


NCMF Training Videos on Promoting Conduct of Basic Community-based “Paralegal” Training for Core Community Leaders

Since 2016, the “National Commission on Muslim Filipinos” and the “HSF” has jointly implemented a program to conduct basic community-based “paralegal” training for core community leaders/residents in marginalized Muslim communities in Southern Philippines.  Under the partnership, HSF supported the production short video clips about common problems encountered by community residents seeking the advice of community leaders and/or “paralegals.”  Aside from use in training activities, this video provides general information and may serve as a basis for related discussions among interested parties.

The NCMF-HSF Partnership

Video 2 | Resolving a minor clerical or typographical error in the birth certificate

Video 3 | Resolving a major change in the birth certificate

Video 4 | Providing information about an on-going government assistance program

Video 5 | Marriage in Islamic

Video 6 | Converting to Islam to marry a second wife

Video 7 | Marriage according to the Philippine Code of Muslim Personal Laws

Video 8 | Responsibilities of the husband and wife under the Philippine Code of Muslim Personal Laws

Video 9 | Registration of Muslim marriage

Video 10 | Domestic abuse of the wife

Video 11 | Property rights of husband and wife under the Philippine Code of Muslim Personal Laws

Video 12 | Resolving a dispute

Video 13 | Police arresting a suspect based on the latter’s appearance

Video 14 | Police arresting a suspect based on the latter’s behavior

Video 15 | Conduct of arrest

Video 16 | Police arresting a suspect based on the latter’s possession of an illegal item or substance


Explainer Videos on Voter Education Series

Leading up to the Philippines’ 2022 general elections, the Philippine Press Institute (PPI) is presenting a series of explainer videos on voter education.  These are intended to provide Filipino voters with basic information about their participation in the upcoming elections and to help contribute to the strengthening of democratic values.  To serve as public service announcements, the series is being developed in consultation with the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) with the support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) as part of the Scholastic Press Outreach Program on Voter Education of the PPI organised in cooperation with the Pimentel Institute for Leadership and Governance (PILG) and also with support from Nickel Asia Corporation (NAC).


Explainer 1  |  Call to action: Go out and register


Explainer 2  |  Know your candidates and make sure your vote does not get invalidated


Explainer 3 | 12 things you should not do before, during and after the elections


Explainer 4 | Things you need to know in campaigning in the new normal


Explainer 5 | What should we look for in a candidate?


Explainer 6 | 7 steps to vote safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic