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Project partnerships exist, inter alia, between the Hanns Seidel Foundation and the following institutions and organizations:

Ministry of Law and Human Rights

The Ministry of Law and Human Rights has the task of carrying out affairs in the field of law and human rights in government to assist the President in administering the state government.

By the Directorate General of Legislation which is under the Ministry of Law and Human Rights has the main task of relating to the laws and regulations in Indonesia, harmonizing and synchronizing the laws and regulations. The Ministry of Law and Human Rights as the government's representative agency in the process of establishing legislation.

Indonesian National Police: STIK-PTIK

Police Science College or STIK - PTIK is an official education institution and higher academic education institution under the control of the Police Education Institute. STIK-PTIK having an identity as the Indonesian Police Service College with the aim of developing Police Science in Indonesia.

The Habibie Center

The Habibie Center is one of think tank in Indonesia which focuses on studying, research and raising issues of democracy development, human rights, and discussing the development of legal issues in Indonesia.

Universities in Indonesia

Faculty of Law, Indonesian Christian University

Indonesian Christian University is an educational institution in Indonesia not only for education for born a professional degree on law but also wich active in discusses current legal issues that are developing in Indonesia, not only constitutional law but also criminal law, civil law and international law. In collaboration with HSF Indonesia in carrying out seminars, conferences on current legal issues in Indonesia.


Center for Constitution Studies (PUSaKO) Faculty of Law, Andalas University

PUSaKO is a legal research institute in an education institution, especially Constitutional Law. To become a Study Center at Faculty of law  Andalas University, which focuses on Research and Development of Science in the field of Constitution, and current legal issues.


Center of Pancasila dan Constitution Studies (PUSKAPSI) Faculty of Law Jember University

PUSKAPSI is a centre for studies and research on the issue of Pancasila, the Constitution and the current legal issues in the Constitutional Law in Indonesia under the Faculty of Law Jember University.