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The organisation and implementation of inspection activities in Vietnam
1st Parliament Information Brief 2022 of the Office of National Assembly of Vietnam (ONA)

  • 2022
  • Bui, Thi Thanh Thuy ; Vu, Cong Giao ; Nguyen, Thi Thien Tri ; Tran, Thi Hai Yen ; Dinh, Van Minh ; Tran, Van Long ; Le, Tien Hao ; Nguyen, Phuoc Tho ; Nguyen, Tuan Khanh ; Nguyen, Huy Hoang ; Luu, Hoai Bao ; Dinh, Luong Minh Anh ; Chu, Quang Luu ; Vu, Thi Van ; Trinh, Duc Hieu
  • Monografie/Band

Discussion papers on various aspects of the organisation and implementation of inspection activities in Vietnam, such as: the amendment of the Inspection Law 2010 and challenges for Vietnam, roles of Inspectorate in supervision of exercise of executive power and anti-corruption in Vietnam, solutions for overlapping scope and activities between Inspectorate and State Audit, legislative framework of the administrative and specialised inspectors, implications for enhancing the role of inspection agencies in State administration, monitoring activities executed by Inspector's delegations, organisation and execution of specialised inspection...

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