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PILG and HSF Support PH Participants to EURAC Winter School 2018
“Federalism in the Making” Participants Contribute to Growing Discourse on Federalism

“Creating a federal set-up, and consequently writing a federal constitution, are extremely difficult undertakings. The political economic context intersects deeply with the constitutional drafting process itself. The element of time is therefore crucial. Meaning, any federalism initiative cannot be rushed nor be solely dependent on limited political considerations” was amongst the insights learned by Atty. Michael Henry Ll. Yusingco of the University of Asia and the Pacific who, along with Vice Governor Jo Kristine Revil of the Province of Masbate attended the EURAC Winter School 2018.

Participants sitting in classroom type setup with the instructor in front of them

Winter School on Federalism and Governance EURAC-Uni Innsbruck

The main objective of their attendance is to gain broader and deeper analyses of the phenomena of federalism, regionalism and multilevel governance from a legal and a political science perspective.  Vice Governor Revil and Atty. Yusingco are amongst 29 participants - mostly lawyers and doctor degree holders - from all over the world who gathered in Austria and in Italy for this program to analyze the origins and evolution of federal systems, the different forms in use worldwide, federal constitution-making in practice, as well as the success and risk factors of multi-level systems.

"Federalism in the Making" is the focus of this two-week Winter School Program which concluded last 16 February 2018.  This year’s topic is timely for the Philippines, which is discussing the country's possible adoption of a federal system of government.  In attending the program, Vice Governor Revil and Atty. Yusingco are looking to help further enlighten the general public as to the effects of the adoption of a federal system of government and the benefits and the challenges that would come along with its implementation.

Vice Governor Jo Kristine Revil of the Province of Masbate presenting, with projection wall at her back

Vice Governor Jo Kristine Revil

Upon returning from the program, Atty. Yusingco has published an opinion piece on federalism, “Major concerns in establishing a federal system” in an online news Website.  Meanwhile, Vice Gov. Revil will, as President of the Lady Local Legislators’ League of the Philippines, Inc. lead a conference on federalism in the province of Masbate early March 2018.  Their substantive contributions to the ongoing conversation in the country about federalism is foreseen to help the general public gain a better understanding about federalism and enable them to make informed decisions during a constitutional referendum.

Vice Governor Revil and Atty. Yusingco are expected to join the pool of core group members/experts in the Philippines who, equipped with increased knowledge on federalism, can help in the even broader dissemination of salient features and principles on federalism, promoting public awareness and understanding on the topic and help in the creation of a unique form of federalism that is best suited to the Philippine context.

Discussion between the participants

Atty. Michael Henry Ll. Yusingco

Both participants are attending through the support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation Philippine Office, which has supported such participation for the second consecutive year, in cooperation with the Pimentel Institute for Leadership and Governance (PILG).


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