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Community-based Dialogues (CBD) Project
4th CBD Regional Institutionalization-Localization Workshop held in Region IV-A

The 4th leg of the Community-based Dialogues’ (CBD) Regional Institutionalization-Localization Workshop was held on 24-25 August 2017 in Lucena City covering Region IV-A (CALABARZON).

Photo of the workshop in Lucena


The two-day activity was attended by more than seventy (70) participants representing the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) major service commands (Philippine Army, Navy and Air Force including from Southern Luzon Command), Philippine National Police (PNP) Regional, Provincial and City Human Rights Officers, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Regional Development Council (RDC; chaired by NEDA Regional Office), Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC; DILG as secretariat) and the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) together with members of the Project Steering Committee (PSC) from the Alternative Law Groups (ALG), AFP Human Rights Office (AFP HRO), Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates (PAHRA), CHR and the Hanns Seidel Foundation/Germany (HSF).


Photo of the workshop


In line with the current focus of the project (4th phase) on economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR), Atty. Marlon Manuel (ALG National Coordinator) walked the participants through the evolution of the project since its inception in 2008 up the present. He shared the background and milestones of the project towards its goal of “contributing to the further improvement of the human rights situation in the country through the enhancement of the relationship between the AFP and the PNP, on one hand, and local communities and CSOs, on the other hand, in the common effort to promote human rights.” He underscored the key strategy of the project which is the conduct of multi-sectoral dialogues among critical stakeholders in pursuit of its goal. For this particular phase of the project, he emphasized that the main objective is to provide a venue for discussion of and cooperation on ESCR between the security sector and civil society toward a better understanding of the role of the AFP and PNP in the promotion, protection and fulfillment of ESCR.

Group photo of the participants holding the banner


The presentation of the “UN Concluding Observations on the Combined 5th and 6th Periodic Reports to the Philippines (October 2016)” gave a good starting point on how to look at the country’s situation as far as ESCR is concerned vis-à-vis international principles, norms and standards on the same. 

Consistent with the development agenda of the present administration as laid down in the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2017-2022, the AFP’s campaign plan Development Support and Security Plan “Kapayapaan,” the PNP’s ESCR Programs, and the ESCR Programs of CHR as well as the roles of the AFP and PNP Human Rights Officers, the CHR’s en banc resolution in support of the project and NEDA’s overview of the PDP formed part of the key presentations during the activity. 

Photos during the workshop


Central to the activity is the workshop proper among the participants which gives them a key opportunity to share and discuss the current situation/developments on the ground (Region IV-A) related to ESCR in an open, insightful and productive exchange.  

Equally important is the conduct of the planning session to help further strengthen and institutionalize the multi-sectoral partnership through the CBD mechanism on human rights promotion and protection at the local level. The CBD convenor at the local level is the CHR in cooperation with local units of the AFP and PNP, and key CSOs.

Photo of participants holding presentations


The participants acknowledged the value of the multi-sectoral community dialogues and appreciated the opportunity to engage the stakeholders toward finding solutions to common problems and a better understanding of each other. The presence of the RDC and RPOC representatives was a positive sign of convergence by being an active player in the resolution of local issues and concerns.

The next activity will be held on October 2017 covering Region III (Central Luzon).