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Focus Group Discussion with the Muslimat Nahdatul Ulama
HSF co-operation with Muslimat NU regarding the Evaluation of a Women Empowerment Training Programme in Indramayu

Hanns Seidel Foundation and the Muslimat held a focus group discussion in Bogor on 24th and 25th of June. It focused on establishing a monitoring and evaluation program in Indramayu. The activity was held to agree on a work plan and create the proper tools for monitoring and evaluation.

Dr. Syahrizal Syarif, Vice Rector of NU University Indonesia delivered input on monitoring and evaluation


Monitoring and Evaluation of the Joint Training Program

The methods that will be used to carry out the monitoring and evaluation program in Indramayu were discussed during the focus group meeting. The evaluation aims at better understanding the impact of the program and whether the program has reached the target in accordance with the agreed upon objectives. Furthermore, the evaluators aim to find out whether the program has been implemented successfully and they want to identify problems that have arisen so that they can be addressed. A survey will be conducted on the ground in Indramayu to determine the progress of the training program.

Expert presentation during the focus group meeting


Training for Local Women in Indramayu

The success of the training cannot only be evaluated by the enthusiasm of the participants that attended the training. A follow-up and stocktaking are necessary. Therefore, the original trainers must constantly monitor and evaluate the progress that the village community makes during the implementation phase.

Muslimat NU monitors the program for example through close communication with representatives and village heads in Indramayu. Hanns Seidel Foundation supports these efforts and is involved in the constant monitoring and evaluation of the project. The ultimate goal is the empowerment of the woman in the villages.

Group photo of the participants from Muslimat NU