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Regional Dialogue on Police Training

Regional Police Training Conference in Phuket, Thailand (2022)


Under its Regional Dialogue Program, HSF works with police training agencies in Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, and additionally in Cambodia, Malaysia and India to promote regional dialogue and information exchange among these countries’ police training organizations to develop common approaches toward common solutions to regional concerns.

The first two regional conferences in 2014 and 2015, respectively, provided for an exchange of ideas and experiences in incorporating practical, case-based training methods for police officers based on the observations of police delegations from Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand in the field of police cadet training in the Bavarian Police Academy.

The third, conducted in 2016 aimed to foster regional cooperation among police training agencies towards a standardized training program, addressing regional transnational crime concerns of the respective police agencies and, at the same time, upholding respect for human dignity and adherence to the rule of law. The fourth, conducted in 2017, focused on institutionalizing practical training at both junior and senior levels of police training, as well as principles of rights-based policing.

These efforts include continued cooperative undertakings and exchanges for improvement of the design, modification, and innovation of related programs of instruction that incorporate the principles of rights-based policing and are compatible with, and supportive of international human rights-based agreements and policing protocols. Other topics of regional interest include the role of women police officers, and new trends in training police officers to respond to the threats of transnational crime.