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Study on Promoting employment for the elderly in the context of an aging population in Vietnam

  • 2022
  • Bui, Ton Hien ; Luu, Quang Tuan ; Pham, Ngoc Toan ; Nguyen, Thanh Tuan ; Nguyen, Hoang Nguyen ; Le, Thi Luong
  • Monografie/Band

Vietnam is undergoing a demographic transition to an older society. However, the country economic development is still at an earlier stage and lower GDP compared to other countries who have experienced a similar transition. The prospect of "getting old before getting rich" means that Vietnam faces a number of significant challenges and the urge to adjust number of policies becomes critical. This report presents facts and challenges of older workers (above 60 years old) in finding job opportunities in the Vietnam's labour market. It also offers several policy recommendations to promote employment for this particular labour force.

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