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Opportunities to Embed Circular Economy Principles in Vietnam's Provincial Masterplans

  • 2022
  • McClellan, Richard ; Le, Ba Nhat Minh ; Nguyen, Minh Tu ; Nguyen, Hong Quan
  • Monografie/Band

The objectives of this paper include: (1) to provide an overview of circular economy (CE) principles and CE case studies and how they offer a more sustainable path to growth at provincial levels; (2) to offer guiding principles that provincial leaders can use to ensure their masterplans are more circular; (3) to provide specific examples of (i) adjustments that can be made to, e.g., investment lists, socio-economic trajectory, or policy instructions that will help the province achieve greater circularity; and (ii) new CE opportunities that can be added to the masterplans; and (4) to identify paths forward for the content, including options to publish, distribute...

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