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Vietnam's Socio-Economic Situation in 2022: Recovery and Development
4th Parliament Information Brief 2022 of the Office of National Assembly of Vietnam (ONA)

  • 2022
  • Tran, Toan Thang ; Dinh, Thi Hao ; Tran, Ngoc Tho ; Phan, Phuong Nam ; Truong, Trong Hieu ; Vo, Thi Thanh Loc ; Do, Van Dai ; Nguyen, Van Thuat ; Nhu, Le Thu Huong ; Ly, Quynh Anh ; Do, Thi Ngoc Quyen ; Do, Tran Phuong ; Pham, Thi Hai Yen ; Ha, Van Chien ; Nguyen, Thuy Le ; Tran, Thi Thu Trang
  • Monografie/Band

Discussion papers on various aspects of the socio-economic situation in Vietnam in 2022 such as: Impacts of international economic volatility and geopolitics on Vietnam's economy in 2022 and economic outlook 2023; Inflation, monentary and fiscal policies in the context of reverse aggregate supply shocks; Recommendations for improving the legal framework for stock market in Vietnam; Real estate market in Vietnam in the context of post-pandemic recovery; Programmes and policies for encouraging organic agriculture in the Mekong delta; Solutions for developing labour market in the post-pandemic period; Domestic tourism market in Vietnam...

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