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Draft Law on Environmental Protection
2nd Parliamentary Information Brief 2020 of the Office of National Assembly of Vietnam (ONA)

  • 2020
  • Vu, Thi Duyen Thuy ; Nguyen, Van Phuong ; Hoang, Duong Tung ; Tran, Duc Vien ; Le, Hong Hanh ; Le, Bo Linh ; Nguyen, The Chinh ; Nguyen, Hoang Nam ; Nguyen, Thi Thu Trang ; Le, Thu Hoa
  • Monografie/Band
  • Online-Ressource

Regulations on solid waste management in the Law on Environmental Protection (LEP); Water pollution and policy recommendations; Legal regulations on the prevention and mitigation of environmental crisis; Air pollution in metropolises in Vietnam and policy recommendations; Environmental impacts of agricultural activities; The issue of environmental compensation the regulations on environmental protection; Sciences and technology in environmental protection; Circular economy in some countries and suggestions for Vietnam; Regulations on plastic waste management in some countries; Environmental taxes and fees...

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