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Land Management and Land Use under the Regulations of the Land Law 2013 of Vietnam
2nd Parliament Information Brief 2022 of the Office of National Assembly of Vietnam (ONA)

  • 2022
  • Trinh, Ngoc Cuong ; Dinh, Thi Hanh Mai ; Trinh, Duc Hieu
  • Monografie/Band
  • Online-Ressource

Discussion papers on various aspects of land management and land use under regulations of the Land Law 2013 of Vietnam, such as: Solutions to amend inconsistent and not compatible regulations of the Land Law of 2013; Matters about land planning and land use plan pursuant to the current provisions of the Land Law; Auction of land use rights and bidding in projects using land: Current situation and solutions; Improving legal regulations on conversion and transfer of agricultural land in Vietnam; Improving legal regulations on management and land using at agricultural and forestry farms; Legislation on management of land of religious institutions and land using for religious purposes...

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