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Rights-based Policing

The collaboration with the Philippine National Police–Human Rights Affairs Office (PNP-HRAO) towards developing professional and competent police personnel, and mainstreaming human rights-based policing approach has created a positive impact in the organization as reflected in the improved performance rating of the PNP in the past several years. Admittedly, further reforms have yet to be made, but the perception is that the Philippine National Police is transforming into a police force that is responsive to citizens’ needs with the respect for human rights integrated in all aspects of police operations.  Nongovernmental organizations, including human rights advocates regularly dialogue and engage with the PNP-HRAO, and this serves as a venue to resolve human rights issues.

Consistent with the PNP’s multi-year reform agenda, of which human rights promotion is one of its key result areas, significant activities were conducted around the country: training and conduct of seminars and workshops for police human rights officers, refresher courses for police investigators and custodial officers on adherence to established procedures and human rights policing principles reinforce the PNP officers’ knowledge and awareness of trends in rights-based policing and how these are integrated in police operations. Conduct of PNP-Civil Society Organizations (CSO) fora resolve issues as these relate to respect for human rights in the conduct of police interventions at the community level. In support of these activities, HSF supported the  development and printing of the Human Rights Desk Operations Manual, a Guidebook on Rights-based Policing, “Miranda” Warning and Anti-Torture Pocket Cards, Posters on Rights of Persons Arrested, Detained or Under Custodial Investigation, other publications and information materials.

PNP-HRAO has moved to institutionalize rights-based policing training for PNP human rights officers and the latter’s roles as advisors during the conduct of police operations have been defined, HROs accompany police operating teams to endure that the citizens’ rights are protected.