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Peace and Good Governance

In July 2016, the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process stated that the government is working on “a proposed Bangsamoro enabling law that will be done simultaneously with the effort to install a federal system of government. The mechanism is aimed at setting up a federal state of the Bangsamoro and will proceed towards a nationwide federal setup.” As he reiterated in December 2016, the President sees the adoption of federalism as “the only solution” that can “solve the problems of Mindanao, particularly the attainment of an elusive, just and lasting peace” and has thereby urged Congress to pass a law to shift from the current presidential to a federal form of government.

In support of the Philippine government’s information campaign on federalism and thrust towards a shift to a federal form of government, the Hanns Seidel Foundation, in cooperation with the Pimentel Institute for Leadership and Governance (PILG) is supporting education and information activities on federalism. The main objective is to provide broader and deeper knowledge of the philosophy and the principles of federalism as a form of government and help key representatives of government and members of society gain a better and more comprehensive understanding of federalism.

Joint activities held thus far include a public forum and a youth camp. Additionally, before the end of 2016, the HSF and the PILG joined hands with the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) in the conduct of a one-week visit of a seven-member Philippine delegation to Germany as part of the “Information Exchange and Study Visit on Federalism” in Berlin and in Munich, Germany. The delegates are to comprise the pool of core group members/experts who, equipped with increased knowledge on federalism, can help in the further dissemination of salient features and principles on federalism, promoting public awareness and understanding on the topic and help in the creation of a unique form of federalism that is best suited to the Philippine context.