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Workshop on Local Governance
Public Innovation for Local Government in 21st Century

From 25 until 26 August 2020, Center of Local Innovation Studies and Development (CLISD), School of Social Science and Political Science, University of Phayao and the Hanns Seidel Foundation, Thailand, held a 1st training workshop titled “Versatile Public Entrepreneur for Innovative Local Governance: Public Innovation for Local Government in 21st Century”. The lecturers for this workshop over the course of two days were as follows: Asst. Prof. Dr. Chatthip Chaichakan and Asst. Prof. Dararat Khampeng from the University of Phayao.


The 13 participants from Phayao province consisted of representatives from Subdistrict Administration Organization (SAO), Subdistrict Municipality, for example, Mayor from Town Municipality, Village Headman, Assistant to Village Headman, Community Developer, Municipal Clerk from Subdistrict Municipality, Legal Officer. The workshop was cater for a small group because of social distancing measures in regards to Covid19.

The aims for this training are, for example, to make a clear definition for the innovation, to identify factors and index of local innovation management, to provide a platform for the participants to learn and exchange opinions on the following topics: to strengthen the project proposal writing skills on public innovation management, to support competency development of local governments and communities in terms of public innovation design, local innovation management in order to be able to propose their interest to develop their community development in terms of design thinking. Furthermore, it should help to improve the project proposal skills to clearly identify their target groups, in order to make the project successful. Finally, the lecturers presented on developing prototypes for local innovation, and how to evaluate the local innovation.

The participants mentioned that they appreciated the workshop. Not only did they gain profound knowledge, but also new ideas and new perspectives on the subjects discussed. They were able to exchange experiences and opinions. This helped them to improve various aspects of their abilities.


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Workshop on Local Governance: Public Innovation for Local Government in 21st Century