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Training Modules on Women Empowerment
Three new Training Modules fresh off the Printing Press

Hanns Seidel Foundation has published together with Muslimat NU three new manuals on economic empowerment of women in villages.

The three new training modules.

The three new training modules.


Economic Empowerment of Women

Three new training modules supporting the training programme of HSS and Muslimat NU on women economic empowerment have been printed.

The training modules have been created and designed by Indonesian experts in the first halt of 2018. Several expert meeting were conducted to this end in Bogor and Jakarta. Furthermore, two assessment missions were conducted in the project pilot regions of Indramayu and Lombok. These missions gave the experts valuable insights in the needs of local women in remote villages.

The use of the new training modules will be integral for the workshop series which is planned to take place in the upcoming months in various villages throughout the country.