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Expert Meeting on Regulatory Reform
Meeting of Legal Experts on Regulatory Reform at the Indonesian Ministry of Justice and Human Rights

The Hanns Seidel foundation organized a two-day legal expert meeting in Tangerang with participants from academia, the judiciary and the ministry of justice to discuss the prospects of regulatory reform and regulatory dispute handling in Indonesia.

Regulatory reform is a priority in the government work plan. President Joko Widodo prioritized this area since the economic development of Indonesia is often hampered by excessive regulations and bureaucracy on the sub-national level. Against this background, the Directorate of Legislation at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights – with support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation - held an expert meeting on 8 and 9 February 2018 in Tangerang.


Opening of the expert meeting by HSF Resident Representative Dr. Daniel Heilmann

Opening of the expert meeting by HSF Resident Representative Dr. Daniel Heilmann


Harmonization of existing regulations

The experts focused their presentations on the regulatory environment and on the harmonization of existing regulations. Two experts also presented case studies on the regulatory system in South Korea and in Japan. Regarding regional regulations in Indonesia, problems exist because decentralization grants vast authority to local governments to create their own regulations. Better co-ordination between the regional and the national level, and between the relevant ministries and agencies, is needed in order to harmonize the existing regulations. Cutting red tape must also be a priority in order to make Indonesia more attractive for foreign direct investment (FDI).

Photo of participants during discussion

Experts from the Indonesian Ministry of Justice and various law faculties discuss issues pertaining to regulatory reform.


The Role of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights

The Directorate General of Legislation is in charge of developing the draft legislation for the envisioned regulatory reform. The input and recommendations of the experts will help the ministry in the process of drafting the relevant legislation. Furthermore, as a result of the expert meeting it was decided by the Director general of Legislation to establish two expert working groups. One working group will conduct additional research; the second working group will draft a guideline on handling regulatory disputes outside of the court system (ADR). Hanns Seidel Foundation will support the work of both working groups.