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Follow-up Workshop for Indonesian Police Master Students
Police Station Management, Best Practices and Lesson Learned in Germany

Nine Indonesian police students from the police university STIK-PTIK in Jakarta participated in July 2017 in the HSF-sponsored internship program at a police station in München-Schwabing 13. As a follow-up to the internship, a workshop was held in the city of Yogjakarta from 29th to 31st January, 2018.

Participants at the Metro Yogyakarta City Police Station

Visit to the traffic police service center of Metro Yogyakarta City Police Station


Police Station Management and Service Oriented Policing

Besides the ten students from PTIK that were part of the internship program, also thirty officers of the Metro Yogyakarta City Resort Police attended the workshop on police station management.

The workshop was opened by the Chief of the Metro Yogyakarta City Resort Police, Mr. Tomy Wibisono. Opening remarks were also delivered by the Resident Representative of HSF in Indonesia, Dr. Daniel Heilmann, the representative of the Indonesian Police Science College (STIK-PTIK) Police Senior Superintendent Mr. Djoko Trisulo, and two experts from the Bavarian Police, Police Chief Superintendent Mr. Peter Breitner and Police Chief Superintendent Mr. Bernhard Egger.


Participants of the workshop

Participants of the workshop, including master students of STIK-PTIK (back row left), police officers from Yogyakarta City Police (back row right), and in the front the representatives of HSF, the Indonesian Police Science College (STIK-PTIK), and of the Bavarian Police.


Police Forces Integrated in Society

The lessons learned during the internship in Bavaria were discussed and analysed by the workshop participants. The Bavarian experts gave valuable input and the Indonesian students shared their knowledge with the officers of the Metro Yogjakarta Police. The Bavarian police experts intervened from time to time and commented on the presentations made by the students. Various topics were discussed intensely. It was agreed upon that to gain the trust from society, police officers must act professionally and transparent and with integrity. During the workshop, the participants extended and refreshed their knowledge on crucial topics such as modern police leadership, operational management of police stations, and work-flow procedures in police operations. A field trip to the Headquarter of the Metro Yogjakarta Police was also part of the workshop program.



Group work presentation

Group work presentation