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Myanmar Federalism Leadership Programme
Panel on Peace Building at MFLP 2019

On the 28th of July, the MFLP participants enjoyed a panel discussion on Peace Building with five panelists from different parts of the country sharing their experiences.

Five experts shared their knowledge on peace building


Khun Be Du stated that the political situation since 2015 didn’t turn out as expected. He highlighted that the base for the future political development needs to be understanding and that he has hope for the country. Nang Bu is a woman rights activist in Kachin State. She said that only with public participation sustainable and long lasting peace can be created. She noted that the current peace process still lacks a participative approach. Maung Saungkha is part of research-based activism. He explained that the communication law is a significant restriction of the citizens’ Freedom of Expression that needs to be addressed. Nang Pao Hom elaborated on a multi-track approach that is necessary in the peace process. The tracks consist of several layers from the Union peace conference over policy development to community work at the base. Hsa Moo presented the Salween Peace Park, a Karen environmental and social action network. The park was initiated and is led by locals and is a shining example of indigenous people taking over the decision making concerning their homeland.

We would like to thank the panelists for sharing their experiences and knowledge! We also thank YingLao for moderating the panel.