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40 Years of HSF in the Philippines
HSF Chairwoman leads 40th Anniversary of Development Cooperation with the Philippines

It was an honor and privilege for the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF)-Philippines to have our Chairwoman Prof. Ursula Männle travel all the way from Munich, Germany and celebrate with us our 40th year of development cooperation with the Philippines.

HSF PH 2019

The week-long commemoration from August 5 to 9, 2019 was indeed memorable and rewarding for all of us especially for Prof. Männle together with his special assistant, Mr. Christian Ramet, as this was a momentous occasion for the Foundation. The Philippine office is recognized as one of the oldest project offices established and operating among the more than 60 countries worldwide where HSF is presently active. 

High-level meetings, book launching, a conference, and visits to project sites not to mention personal interactions with key representatives of partner organizations, students, trainees and other stakeholders offered our Chairwoman a “sentimental journey” of the meaningful work and strategic partnerships over the past 40 years.  She has expressed her deep appreciation and recognition of the significant impact of our cooperation with the Philippines together with esteemed partner organizations toward the socio-economic development of the country which has now become stronger and dynamic.

HSF PH 2019

She was pleased with the continued success of HSF-Philippines’ programs and projects which have attained sustainability over the years, and with the partners and stakeholders - then and now - maintaining close ties with the Foundation. 

This was clearly manifested during the conference held on August 8 with the theme, “40 years of HSF in the Philippines: Impact and Challenges.”  She was gratified to see a lot of our partners, stakeholders, friends and colleagues from the government and non-government sectors, and the exchange of warm and sincere expressions and gestures of appreciation and gratitude to the work that everyone have accomplished and continue to do.  She was given the highlights and milestones of the different programs and projects since 1979 to the present in a “walk-through with partner organizations.”  At least 18 projects were presented (roll-ups/standees) which gave her a snapshot of the achievements, among others.

Special messages were given by one of our partners, the Department of Justice (DOJ), and from the Deputy Chief of Mission of the German Embassy.  Testimonials were shared by representatives from two of our partners – the Philippine Public Safety College (PPSC) and the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF).  

HSF PH 2019

Chairwoman Männle delivered the keynote address where she expressed her gratitude to everyone for making possible the successful partnership of HSF with the Philippines, and at the same time signified that HSF will strengthen its cooperation with the Philippines in the future together with its partner organizations.

Philippine Resident Representative, Mr. Götz Heinicke, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the partners, stakeholders, colleagues and friends of HSF for their continued support and cooperation, and the good partnerships that have been mutually beneficial to both the Philippines and Germany for the past 40 years.

HSF PH 2019

As a fitting remembrance, a publication on HSF-Philippines’ 40th anniversary was launched and copies were handed over to the project partners.

In grateful recognition of the longstanding support of HSF to the Philippines through the successful joint project undertakings, Prof. Männle received a very warm reception as shown by the love and hospitality extended to her by the conference participants of more than 120.  Everyone congratulated each other for the work well done and the opportunity to help in nation-building. “Happy birthday Hanns Seidel Foundation-Philippines.”

Chairwoman Männle and Mr. Ramet travelled back to Germany on August 9.

HSF PH 2019



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