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Publication for the National Assembly Deputies
Handbook on the Role of the Deputies of the National Assembly (NA) in the Legislative Process

Election results in the last few years show that nearly one-third of Deputies of the Vietnamese National Assembly had been re-elected, while the others were new members and participated in the National Assembly for the first time.

Few months after each election, from the 2nd Session onwards, they must deal with legislative work. Therefore, Deputies of the National Assembly need to grasp the procedures, processes, skills and supporting mechanisms quickly and accurately to fulfil their statutory tasks. Against this background, the National Assembly Office Vietnam has been cooperating with Hanns Seidel Foundation in Vietnam (HSF) in preparing a Handbook which explains various institutional mechanisms for an effective performance of the parliamentary legislative function of the National Assembly’s Deputies. To get reviews and critical comments on a first draft of the Handbook, a Consultation Dialogue with experts, experienced Deputies and representatives of various Committees of the National Assembly was organised on 18th December in Hanoi. After careful considerations, these inputs will be integrated in the finalised Handbook scheduled to be published in March 2021 and will serve as a guiding material for new Deputies.

Mr Michael Siegner - HSF Resident Representative spoke at the Workshop


During the Consultation Dialogue, the participants expressed their appreciation fo the objectives and working approach of the Handbook while making several constructive comments on different parts of the Handbook. Besides, the participants also recommended that each Deputy should improve qualification and special skills by his/herself, particularly communication and analytical skills as well as the ability to identify problems and objectives of Laws.

At his opening speech, Mr Michael Siegner addressed the crucial role of good laws and introduced briefly upon the German Law-making processes. HSF looks forwards to further collaborations with the National Assembly Office to promote strong and just institutions (SDG 16) in Vietnam.