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Equal Implementation of Extradition Law in Laos
Consultation Workshop on the draft of extradition handbook 25 to 27 April 2018 in Thalat, Laos

From 25 until 27 April 2018, a consultation workshop on the draft of extradition handbook took place in Thalat, Laos. This workshop has been organized by the Office of the Supreme People`s Prosecutor of Laos (OSPP) and was supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation Thailand/ Laos.

Group photo of the participants of the workshop

Participants of the workshop with the Supreme People's Prosecutor Mr. Khamsane Souvong


The 51 participants amongst others from the OSPP, the police, several courts, the Ministry of Foreign Affair (MOFA) and the Faculty of Law and Politics of the National University of Laos discussed about a feasible and adequate handbook for the extradition law. Through the handbook a consistent implementation of the statute through all authorities shall be enabled. The aim is to create equal rights throughout Laos, which is still lacking, and to abolish the inequitable and insecure legal situation for foreigners and agencies as well. Legal systems from different countries, like China and Vietnam, serve as example. Furthermore, it is considered in relation to international cooperation in transnational crime.

The participants mentioned that they appreciated the workshop. During the constructive discussions the participants with different workings backgrounds were engaged actively and brought suggestions from diverse perspectives in. They were able to exchange their experience and opinions and find appropriate solutions together.

active discussion between participants

Discussion conducted by Mr. Khamphet Somvolachith about the draft of extradition handbook


Two of these workshops have already taken place in 2017, and one more is scheduled for October 2018. It is planned, to finalize and finish the handbook in 2019.

discussion at the workshop with active participants

Productive discussion at the workshop with active participants


participants of the workshop sitting in a long table

Represents from different juristic institutions participated in the workshop