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Workshop on versatile leadership
Becoming a Versatile Leader with 21st Century Competencies

As partners, School of Political and Social Science, University of Phayao and the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) organized a workshop on “Becoming a Versatile Leader with 21st Century Competencies” in order to provide essential skills for local leaders in the North of Thailand to be state-of-art in the 21st century. These abilities will empower them to be potential and multitalented leaders which are a necessary key for the development of Thailand.

Local leaders from the northern part of Thailand were gathered to practice versatile leadership.


This workshop was held on 27 - 28 October 2020 at Phuglong Hotel, Phayao province. It aims to create versatile leadership for local leaders by raising awareness of being a leader in the 21st century, providing knowledge and understanding about public administration practices and implanting morals and ethics for being local government officials. It is expected to found a local network of “the watchdog on local officials’ ethics” in order to resolve Thailand’s controversial issues for local governance, the issues about immorality and corruption, that have been obstructing the development of Thailand’s civil service system.

The participants of this workshop included local entrepreneurs from tea business, which is one of the most prominent and successful business in the North, and local government officials from various provinces in the northern part of Thailand; for instance, Phayao, Nan and Lampang.

A professor from the University of Phayao provided a creative activity for the participants.


In the event, professors from School of Political and Social Science, University of Phayao; for example, Dr. Piyawadee Rohitarachoon, Asst.Prof. Dr.Chatthip Chaichakan, Asst.Prof. Dararat Khampeng, Dr. Rattiya Fischer and Dr. Prayong Chandaeng became the lecturers to provide knowledge and activities for the participants. The workshop went successfully as the participants were able to gain experience and discuss related abstract concepts such as ethics and morality in order to find solutions to Thailand’s local governance system.

Mayor of Phayao Town Municipality gave her opinion about morality and responsibility towards society as a government official.