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Dr. Axel Neubert

Our Work in Laos

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Vientiane, Laos

Resident Representative:

Dr. Axel Neubert

Promotion of the Social Market Economy

Lao PDR is a developing country with rapidly growing economy and social development. While living standards of the population have gradually improved, the gap between rich and poor is still wide. In the Socio-Economic Development Plan 2021-25, Laos defined the main goals of reforming its economic structure, aiming to further reduce poverty and income disparities.

The Laotian economy needs reform processes and developed strategies to make more inclusive growth with more market-economy elements and to improve the economic structure in general. The Academy of Social and Economic Sciences (LASES) develops economic and social strategies and provides the government with advisory and assistance. Here, the HSS supports LASES by providing and significantly supporting a platform for cooperation that facilitates knowledge spill-over. Thus, the HSS enables bridging international expertise that provides LASES with the necessary knowledge to boost its capacity in developing corresponding concepts.


Improving the rule of law

The Lao PDR has a weak national legal system that often lacks international valid standards. Lawyers and judges are not adequately trained in the application of international legal standards. It is particularly difficult for citizens to enforce their rights in regions far from the capital. Here, too, the HSS provides a platform and thus creates access to international knowledge and the necessary expertise in order to further strengthen the administration capacity of the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office (OSPP). This should correspond to the international standards and increase the participation and legal security of the citizens.


Target groups:

• Decision-makers and researcher of national economic think tanks

• Judges, state attorneys and lawyers

• Representatives of civil society



• The Academy of Social and Economic Sciences (LASES)

• Laos Supreme Prosecutor's Office